Monstre Sacré (sacred monster) is a small coaching and consulting service for alternative, underground, diy, queer, sex workers or off-the-grid artists, musicians, writers and creatives (plus a few brave civilians!). I am interested in exploring the development of a non-hierarchical, anarchistic working relationship - thus the “conspiracy.”
Pets welcome (although I don’t coach them!)
Monstre Sacré helps you get to your short & long term creative destinations. This involves identifying disruptions—psychological and emotional—to your creative process. Monstré Sacre’s primary focus is helping you connect to your creative process and navigate its challenges, such as fear and self-sabotage—or simply survive your own personality! Additionally, by helping you look at your personal finances, Monstre Sacré addresses the hell realm of art/writing, cash and capitalism. Monstre Sacré is available by email, phone or in-person. When apt, I can toss in some mojo n juju–or just keep things straight up sans any woo woo. Depends on you & your proclivities.

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Complimentary 1/2 hr. coaching consultation
This complimentary meeting will go over what is interfering with your creative endeavors and introduce you to the Monstre Sacré process.

Session by session, no "package" commitment required
Monstre Sacré allows you to set your own pace.
Coaching rates:
$50–$75 per hour, sliding scale. Monstre Sacré does its best to cultivate mutual sustainability. Some barter. Reduced rates if I can pull it off.

Red Ink Menace: Creative consulting and development
For those who would like someone to roll up their sleeves and get in there with them on creative projects—developing stories, characters, performances, or visual ideas. Using the skills of Honorary Monster Jed Bell and creative maniacal genius Blue, we will give feedback on work in progress, whether it is fleshing out a new idea, offering an analysis of what you have, or helping you jumpstart yourself at any stage of the process.
Initial Consultation: $100, then $50–$75 per hour, sliding scale.


Head “monster” Wickie Stamps is a working artist and writer who has assisted people for decades in overcoming the obstacles in their lives. Deeply embedded in San Francisco's alternative artistic community, Wickie holds a Masters in Education and Counseling from Antioch University. She has trained with the Creative Coaching Association, is a graduate of San Francisco State University’s Core Strength Coaching program, as well as a certified coach with Jill Badonsky’s Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching program. Wickie is a longtime meditator who currently through her solitary practice follows the teachings of Noah Levine’s Dharma Punx/Against the Stream Meditation Center. A yoga practitioner, Wickie attends San Francisco’s Yoga Punx. When appropriate, Wickie integrates both meditation practice and yoga theory into her coaching.

Having started out with an intense background in countercultural politics and community work—from mental health care to the movement to establish the first battered women’s shelters—Wickie radically changed course over 20 years ago: she decided to commit herself to her own creative life, and took the plunge to become a writer. Through a strange hodgepodge of jobs, from alligator-meat cleaner to executive editor of funky magazines, trampoline-ride salesgirl to award-winning author and screenwriter, Wickie escaped the alligators’ clutches and now assists fellow artists and writers connect to their creative process. She has assisted lawyers and graphic designers, hip hop artists and burned-out rocker chicks who are trying to balance art with paying the damned bills.


Honorary monster Jed Bell is involved in Red Ink Menace where he consults on projects. Lately, he’s been DIY assisting a couple of people learn SquareSpace, a pretty cool website program.

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